Who We Are

Z-Tec Automation Systems Inc. is an industrial automation company specializing in custom designed systems and solutions for the real-time environment.

Founded in 1992, Z-Tec started off as a small software design firm and in less than 10 years has developed into a full service industrial solution provider. Over the past 19 years, Z-Tec has provided innovative products, solutions and services to customers worldwide.

While Z-Tec has been rooted mainly in the forest products industry, we also apply our expertise to other industries and provide the same high quality products and solutions to a more diverse range of customers.

With distinctive ingenuity and a large, enthusiastic team backing up each system, Z-Tec Automation Systems Inc. continues to prove that the possibilities truly are endless.

Our Technologies

Z-Tec is a proven leader in inkjet printing and barcoding systems design. We maintain our lead over our competitors by remaining flexible and responsive to each of our customers needs, by using cutting edge technology and by continuously incorporating new products and ideas into our designs.

Unlike most other companies using Windows based systems, Z-Tec offers true multi-tasking, interrupt driven, real-time systems that are responsive to the demands of today´s high-speed, real time environment.

Z-Tec has been on the leading edge of custom software design for a number of years and this continues to be an integral part of what we do today. Each successful new project adds to our extensive inventory of solutions and allows us to face ever increasing challenges.
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Featured Case Study

Vision Systems Case Study Vision Systems
A major softwood manufacturer approached Z-Tec about inspecting the grade stamps on the lumber produced in the mill. The driving force behind the idea was reducing manpower in the sorter area, resulting in no manual inspection of the grade stamps to ensure good quality of stamps and no miss-stamping... keep reading


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