Z-Tec's custom digital printing solutions combine the latest in automation and printing technology with a system design that is rugged enough to withstand the harshest of mill environments. A growing number of market leaders are taking advantage of the WinJet II System – the simplest, yet the most powerful printing system available today. Z-Tec is now offering a WinJet II Mini with a compact design for smaller environments.
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Product Tracking and Monitoring


Z-Tec's inventory, monitoring and reporting systems track in real time any and all aspects of your industrial production, from shift production statistics to process control information.
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Both printing and labelling with a single system is made possible with Z-Tec's all-in-one solutions. From printing grade marks, grader initials, and logos to applying a barcode label to the end of each board, the WinJet II Combination System does it all.
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WinJet II Flyer

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WinJet II Mini Flyer

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Featured Case Study

Vision Systems Case Study Vision Systems
A major softwood manufacturer approached Z-Tec about inspecting the grade stamps on the lumber produced in the mill. The driving force behind the idea was reducing manpower in the sorter area, resulting in no manual inspection of the grade stamps to ensure good quality of stamps and no miss-stamping... keep reading


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