With Z-Tec's Flying Barcoder right now we're actually getting 100% barcode label application. I was really surprised on the accuracy of the machine... It was a pretty exciting time for the operation, we were putting in this Flying Barcoder machine and it was working. I think we have a very excellent working relationship with Z-Tec Automation Systems Inc... building a machine that has never been seen before... We were installed and in place in 24 hours.”

Bud Wasylyshen - Planer Coordinator - Canfor`s Isle Pierre Planer Mill

I would recommend the WinJet system, and there are a few aspects: one, the print quality is exceptional, and two, it's very easy for the employees down there to manage it. It doesn't take a lot of expertise, it's a very simple system, it's very quick – so it's very quick to learn.”

Franco Antoniazzi - Plant Production Superintendent - Canfor Polar

The Z-Tec team is top notch. They have the technology that best suits our process and work with us to deliver systems which meet all of our requirements. Post-sale service has been excellent – they are proactive in ensuring that we are happy with their product and go the extra mile to keep the system performing to our expectations.”

Trevor Brander - Tolko Industries Ltd.

Because of the harsh environment inside a planer mill or on a production line, boards tend to flip up or move around, and aren't always where they need to be. A few times where a board flew up and smashed the head of the CIJ printer clean off, it broke it in two. A used machine is about $10,000 to replace or to fix. If that same thing were to happen to the HP system, all we have to do is plug in a new cartridge and we're on the go again, suffering no downtime at all.”

Bud Wasylyshen - Planer Coordinator - Canfor Isle Pierre

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Vision Systems Case Study Vision Systems
A major softwood manufacturer approached Z-Tec about inspecting the grade stamps on the lumber produced in the mill. The driving force behind the idea was reducing manpower in the sorter area, resulting in no manual inspection of the grade stamps to ensure good quality of stamps and no miss-stamping... keep reading


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