CASE STUDY: WinJet II Improvements


A major Z-Tec customer with a number of the older WinJet printing systems expressed a desire for improving the system with several suggestions:

Z-Tec's Solution

Z-Tec personnel designed and developed an integrated capping/wiping station, which became a standard part of the WinJet II system. The system caps cartridges in place over prolonged shutdown periods, eliminating the need for removing and storing cartridges.

Winjet Lumber Marking System

The wiping portion of the station allows for a brief shutdown without the need to lock out and wipes the cartridges in place, minimizing the downtime and additional handling required for manual cleaning of cartridges.

In collaboration with an ink manufacturer, Z-Tec developed and tested the Z-Ink, which is now used in a number of both the WinJet and WinJet II systems. The Z-Ink exhibits a significant improvement in de-capping time as well as other desirable properties. In conjunction with the Z-Ink development, Z-Tec also redesigned the bulk ink system to optimize the ink delivery and significantly prolonging the life of the cartridges, thus reducing overall operating costs for our customers.

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